How we work

The Story

From NY to LA, Civilized Savage was born door to door with the simple purpose of serving local businesses. The goal is to give the business the online credibility it deserves, understanding that a your digital presence is your 21st century real estate. And if you want to convert customers, you’re going to have to do it with a great first impression.

The Structure

Civilized Savage is a client based business. Your project, your management, your scope depends on your specific needs. As a full-stack agency, we have a roster of talented designers, developers and SEO experts to see your project to the finish line and beyond. We specialize in not only creating and updating websites fit for the modern marketplace but also making sure that they’re seen by the right customers.

The Team

Our team consists of experts on all fronts. We have development pros from around the world, a Harvard MBA copywriter and a VCU Brandcenter Art Director. We’ve worked on projects in all industries, from fortune 500 companies to Oscar winning actresses to local shops on Main Street. We love helping businesses build their brand and grow their online presence, no matter the size or shape.

TJ Sullivan


Anuraj Singh

Project Manager

Prabhat Sharma

Business Manager

Ravi Kant

SEO Manager

Ashish Sharma

Team Lead

Jessica Kemmerling

Art Director

Cynthia Busbee

Head Copywriter